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About us

SMS Jewellers is one of the leading jewellery brands in the UAE with an enduring commitment to purity and quality. We have always prided ourselves on our ability to offer our customers superior quality products that give value for money.

Our extensive jewellery collection, impeccable after-sale service and world-class facilities along with uncompromising dedication to personal attention offer a remarkable service experience to our customers. We consider each sale as an everlasting relationship, and believe in keeping our customers always satisfied by protecting their rights and offering the finest products through our quality conscious efforts.

SMS Jewellers have earned valuable credibility in the market. Authentic craftsmanship was passed on throughout time, guaranteeing that every piece from SMS Jewellers gets created with remarkable design that takes your breath away

Because we believe quality comes from innovation, creativity is at the heart of our brand. First we handpick the finest jewels then craft them into unique designs using state-of-the-art techniques. This era’s constant demand for innovation is what allows us to realize our true potential.

SMS Jewellers have earned its customers trust by consistently providing excellent quality, unparalleled designs and unmatched craftsmanship. Our experts conduct thorough quality checks every day in efforts to impress customers with the most flawless and beautiful jewellery.

Our Core Team consists of Graduate Gemmologists, who have made it their passion to source & create one of kind pieces from all over India and other parts of the World.

It is through dedication and hard work and never ending desire for quality and craftsmanship that SMS Jewellers is a brand that it is today. A name of quality and trust sought after by everyone

Each piece is carefully chosen and handpicked by our Core Team, giving each the signature hallmark of a SMS Jewellers design, and never is a piece of Jewellery duplicated, making each piece one of a kind.

“Our Pieces should be timeless and classic, that is a belief that we have always lived by and we feel that everyone who wear our Jewellery should feel so too, truly unique and never out of style”

Ever since the creation of SMS Jewellers, we have been creating one of a kind handmade and customized Jewellery for a discerning list of customers. With an unmatched collection of Jewellery consisting of fiery rubies, vivid green emeralds and luminous pearls all set with diamonds and/or Swarovski in precious metals, SMS jewellers have created a name to be sought after by Women from across the UAE.

Core Team

    Gemmologist GIA Mumbai

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